IC Sockets – Different Types explained


DIP Machined IC Sockets

DIP Stamped Dual Wipe IC Sockets

DIP ZIF IC Sockets

Skinny DIP IC Sockets

Wire Wrap DIP IC Sockets

SIP Sockets

Wire Wrap SIP Sockets

PLCC through hole IC Sockets

PLCC surface mount Sockets

SOJ IC Sockets

ZIP IC Sockets

PGA Machined IC Sockets

PGA ZIF IC Sockets

Small Transistor Outline Sockets

Socket Vocabulary: DIP=Dual Inline Package, SIP= Single Inline Package, PLCC= Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier, ZIP= Zig-zag inline package, PGA=Pin Grid Array, ZIF=Zero Insertion Force.

View these types at IC Sockets.


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