Breakaway Pin Headers – is this the Most commonly used Electronic Connector Type?



There are Billions of these Headers out there on all kinds of Printed Circuit Boards. Anything from a Single Pin Post (1×1) to a 80 pin (2×40) can be found on Millions of PCB’s. Pin Header Strips offer cost-effective solutions for many applications: Board-to-Board, Wire-to-PCB, Header-to-Shunt. These Breakaway (snappable) Pin Headers can be used for mating with Female Header Sockets and Female IDC & Crimp Harnessed Connectors, Board Stacking, Wire Wrapping, Testing, Programming (using jumper-shunts).

Phoenix Enterprises offers these unshrouded male headers:

HEADERS BREAKAWAY .100″ 2.54mm pitch Right Angle

HEADERS BREAKAWAY .100″ 2.54mm pitch Straight (standard)

HEADERS BREAKAWAY .100″ 2.54mm pitch Special Lengths (short,elevated,stackers)

HEADERS BREAKAWAY .079″ 2.00mm pitch Straight & Right Angle

HEADERS BREAKAWAY .05″ 1.27mm pitch-  available by quote request.

We are able to provide Large Variety of pin-counts and quantities of Break-away  Pin Headers (aka bergstik unshrouded headers). Header cutting is performed in our California facility, equipped with precision automated machinery. We are interested in your feedback, if you need a specific Pin Header (currently not offered on our shopping-cart pages) please contact us with the details.


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