D-Subminiature Connectors = Workhorse for connecting Electronics & Computer Industries


D-Subminiature connectors have been around since 1952. D-Subs are well known for their D shape and Ruggedness. Until the recent developments, when the computer industry had shifted to USB and HDMI connectivity, every computer came with several D-Sub connectors. Dsubs were used for VGA, Serial and Parallel ports. D-subs had been used for Video Game systems and controllers. Even now the D-subs are used in many Computer applications. D-subs are not going away anytime soon, as these connectors offer cost-effective and reliable connectivity solutions for Audio, Embedded, Telecommunications, Automation, Milling and many other applications and industries.There are Standard (usually 2 row) dsubs and High-density dsubs (usually 3 row) dsubs.


Phoenix Enterprises offers a wide variety of D-subs:

D-Sub Connectors PCB Mount

D-Sub IDC Cable Mount

D-Sub Solder Cup Connectors & Hoods

D-Sub Crimp & Poke Connector Housings Terminals Hoods

Pin-Terminals used with Crimp & Poke D-Sub Housings require:

Dsub pin Crimpers & Insertion/Extraction contact Tools


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