Wow these Machined Headers & Sockets really do have Round Pins!

Most of you probably have seen or used DIP Machined IC Sockets and just accepted that the Machined IC Sockets is the best choice for DIP IC’s.dip28ma-1

When it comes to connecting Circuit Boards, the Square Pin Headers and the Female Header Sockets are widely used through out the Electronic Industry. However, when there is a need for a higher reliability connection, the Machined Headers and Sockets provide a superior solution. Screw Machine Sockets and Headers have an obvious advantage – the Round shape of pins and contacts provide a more secure connection due to a greater contact surface area. Round Pin Hi-Rel Machined Interconnects are commonly used for the PCB connecting applications, where the vibration is a factor. Furthermore, the Machining process provides the technology for making low profile pins, which are crucial for the space-saving applications.

Phoenix Enterprises strives to provide a Large Variety of Machined Pin Headers and Sockets, we carry single row (SIP) and dual row Round Pin Interconnects at very reasonable prices. Our offerings:

Machined Pin Headers

Machined Pin Sockets




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