Square Pin into Round Hole? Yes! Just use Machined Female Header Sockets


Square Pin Breakaway Headers .100″ 2.54mm pitch / spacing are widely used for mating with Female Header Sockets. The purpose: connecting / stacking Circuit Boards (PCB’s). The contacts used in standard PCB mounted female header sockets are sufficient enough for most PCB stacking applications. However, there are instances when an improved connection is needed, while for a variety of reasons the Male unshrouded header needs to retain its square pin shape.

The solution:  Female Receptacles Hi-Rel Screw Machined. Even though these PCB mounted machined header sockets are Round-Pin, they have a unique capability of mating with .025″ Square Post Headers and .026″-.033″dia machined round pin headers. These round pin machined female receptacles provide a more secure connection, higher reliability and the easy-cut body.

Phoenix Enterprises offers:

RECEPTACLES-SOCKETS Machined  .100″ 2.54mm pitch Single Row & Dual Row

HEADERS BREAKAWAY .100″ 2.54mm pitch Right Angle

HEADERS BREAKAWAY .100″ 2.54mm pitch Straight (standard)

HEADERS BREAKAWAY .100″ 2.54mm pitch Special Lengths (short,elevated,stackers)

New Addition:

Single Pin Uninsulated Machined Female Header Socket. Capable of mating with .025″ Square Post Headers.


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