Colorful Jumper Shunts – add some style to your programming header jumpers


A perfect mate to the Square Pin Headers, the Jumper Shunts have been around for a long time. Even before the computer-age, these little programming blocks have been used to execute some basic on / off, closed / open – commands, instructions, activations.

The insulator helps to prevent unwanted shorts and simplifies the handling of these small interconnects.

Header Jumpers offerings by – Jumper Shunts for Male Pin Headers .100″ 2.54mm Pitch and .079″ 2.0mm Centerline. Variety of Heights, Open Top, Closed Top, with Handle.

Black color Shunts are very common. Phoenix Enterprises makes it easier to add some colors, when you’re choosing Shunts for your electronic projects: Blue, Red and White.

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Jumper Shunts

Pin Headers .100″ 2.54mm spacing Straight

Pin Headers .079″ 2.00mm spacing


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